Natural family photo shoot Sussex

Why do I love a family photo shoot?

I absolutely love a family photo shoot – the more haphazard and quirky the family, the better!! My family sessions are fun, funny, creative and carefree, this helps create honest, beautiful photographs that reflect the personalities of you and your children.

I love watching out for the ‘in-between’ moments, that is, when everyone forgets I’m there, it is then that you can really capture the innocence of childhood and the unrivalled intimacy of a family unit.

A huge benefit of a family photoshoot is that everyone gets to be in the same photo. If I had a pound for every lady who phoned me and said ‘I just want ONE picture of us all together‘ well… I’d be buying my biscuits from Waitrose.

Precious family time

One of my biggest comments on a family shoot is how fun it was. Essentially it’s a walk with your family, we do a few posed pics to keep Granny and Grandpa happy when Christmas rolls around, but otherwise, we hunt for gruffalos, bears, fairies and bugs (I point at bugs from a distance) we laugh, we run, we climb and we often bribe children with ice cream.

No one has ever regretted having family photos taken – fact* and following your shoot, I will send you all the edited photos I take (approximately 75) on a USB to keep, make T-shirts from, whatever you fancy.

I see the same families again and again because this experience is not just a photo shoot, it’s a great opportunity to slow the pace down and spend a morning or an afternoon with your favourite people. 

*might not actually be fact.

Family photo shoot sussex