Wedding photography – what to expect

You have obviously spent a long time planning this shindig and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s not been cheap. I’m going to assume that you want to be present during the reception. I will not, therefore, be taking the pair of you away for hours on end shouting ‘right a bit, back a bit…’ etc. etc.

What I will do is suss out the venue beforehand, chat to you about any specific shot locations you have in mind and whisk you away for about 20 minutes to get those undeniably super important couple shots. This will also give you lovebirds the opportunity to share the ‘we’ve only gone and done it’ euphoria together minus the entire congregation who will be hungry for a newlywed huggathon.

Then I’ll take you back to the party where you can kiss and cry and hug and drink champagne until the early hours, beginning your happily ever after in seriously good style.

I’m an emotion-lover

I notice stuff. Like, all the time… One of the things I love most about a wedding is seeing the amazing creativity and detail that goes into it. Rest assured, your handmade table decorations and quirky favours will be captured. I also, as an emotion lover, will constantly be on the lookout for both laughter and tears. Everything you have given to your day, I will capture for you to take away and keep forever.

I don’t just want to take pictures at your wedding, I want to get to know you, I want to know how you met, how you fell in love why you chose your first song, what  your future plans are – I will get to know all this through a super casual pre-wedding shoot and meeting at a location chosen by you….  what? Did someone say Paris…?

This will give me a clear picture of how to approach your wedding photography. I will apply everything I have learnt from you beauts into your photos and when you receive them if you don’t think ‘by gosh, she’s really caught our personalities in this one’ I’ll eat my fascinator.

wedding photography Sussex
wedding photography - what to expect

Making you feel at ease

I get such a buzz from witnessing the emotion, tenderness and joy of a wedding I don’t think I’ve photographed one yet during which I haven’t had a little weep during the ceremony, a little chuckle during the speeches or a little dance during the evening. Those feelings that your guests feel…? I’m feeling them too.

I have tons of experience in wedding photography and the two most popular feedback comments I receive are:

‘Bex made us feel so at ease’

‘We completely forgot she was there’

This is what I strive for. I want you to feel comfortable, relaxed and completely, totally euphoric at your amazing party and I will work my socks off to get you there.

I’m not going to shout ‘pick me, pick me’ but if you like the sound of this, give me a call or an email, send a pigeon, whatever. I’m excited to hear from you…

(pick me, pick me…)